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Our systems use individual products such as plugs, detectors and junction boxes to create an efficient all-encompassing system tailored to your needs. They are the connecting factor between all of the various components and your customer’s requirements. GIA Systems ensure that the ultimate end-user can effectively manage the installation and the options it offers.

Our systems for building automation enable comfort levels to be maximised and energy consumption to be reduced simultaneously. A BUS system with intelligent modules for operating lighting, heating, sun shades and/or access controls, makes your building smarter, more flexible and more sustainable.

Every system for building automation has its strengths. Which system is best for your project and budget? That depends on the end-user’s requirements. Which techniques do you wish to integrate? What level of comfort and energy reduction would you like to realise?

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These are our three electro-technical systems which we use to efficiently fulfil every requirement:

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Flexbox® junction boxes are the simplest system for efficient electrical installations. The plug-able cabling systems enable quick installation and this results in significant time-savings on-site. The considered design reduces possible problems.

Our Flexbox® junction boxes are completely pre-wired, plug & play, and tested. This saves a great deal of time and is much more reliable.

This gives you safer plug-and-play installations and electricity is split in a smart and safe way.

Flexbox® also offers substantial savings when it comes to maintenance. Changes can be made to the building configuration quickly with bridge plugs, without having to change the cabling.

The Flexbox® junction box is also the central junction of your cabling; all of the cables for lighting, detectors, buttons, etc. come together here. Much better organised! This saves a huge amount of searching compared to the ‘spaghetti’ that is often created by cables that criss-cross one another in classic, plugged installations.

The innovative SmartFlexx® system is a great solution if your budget is limited but you would still like smart solutions in the building.

Thanks to the electronics contained in the SmartFlexx®, you can add several intelligent functions. There are SmartFlexx® systems with 4 relay connections or 3 Dali channels. Every SmartFlexx® also has 4 connected open collector in and outputs; these can be mutually transmitted. This is particularly handy for creating an all-out function. Or for connecting 2 or more areas to one another. You can connect two areas that are supplied by different electrical phases.

There are specific systems for offices, meeting rooms, care areas and classrooms.

The unique SmartFlexx® is integrated with flexible cabling. The Flexbox® junction box creates an organised, safe and clear connection.

The obvious choice for every modern, large building. Because this system enables comfort levels in buildings to be maximised while energy consumption is reduced, for a low, all-in price.

Using a BUS system with intelligent modules for operating lighting, heating, sun shades and/or access controls, makes buildings smarter and cleverly automated.

What makes our system stronger than its rivals is the fact that it works without IP communication and, as a result, doesn’t need excess data cabling. In the whole system, there is just one computer cable: the one between the operating computer and the LAN module. How can a system be connected without being vulnerable to hacking? If the data network or the computer drops out, the system continues to work indefinitely, without loss of functionality. Only visualisation and alterations are no longer possible.

We have deliberately chosen decentralised intelligence. Every component in our BUS system contains its own intelligence. As a result, the system is incredibly stable. It won’t need any updates for 25 years (or longer) to carry out its functionality. Without mandatory updates for security and other changes.

The GIA BUS-system is an open system that can communicate with other systems via Bacnet, RS485, RS232, Modbus, ….. Programming is not required because the configuration is table-operated. If required, GIA nv can train your technicians to carry out maintenance and implement changes.

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