Flexbox® junction boxes are the simplest system for efficient electrical installations. The plug-able cabling systems enable quick installation and this results in significant time-savings on-site. The considered design reduces possible problems.

Our Flexbox® junction boxes are completely pre-wired, plug & play, and tested. This saves a great deal of time and is much more reliable.

This gives you safer plug-and-play installations and electricity is split in a smart and safe way.

Flexbox® also offers substantial savings when it comes to maintenance. Changes can be made to the building configuration quickly with bridge plugs, without having to change the cabling.

The Flexbox® junction box is also the central junction of your cabling; all of the cables for lighting, detectors, buttons, etc. come together here. Much better organised! This saves a huge amount of searching compared to the ‘spaghetti’ that is often created by cables that criss-cross one another in classic, plugged installations.

We were efficient here too.

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