Lighting control

Lighting is responsible for 40% of the overall energy costs in buildings. The maximum use of daylight and manageable artificial lighting is key to huge savings. The right regulation system for lighting controls can make a world of difference.

You can come to us for everything. From cables and wires of exactly the right length, through the right detectors, to efficient operations via push-buttons and/or touch screens. All of this can be connected with other building management systems via a specific module.

Together with you, we will select the very best regulation system for your lighting controls. With comfort and energy savings as the priorities.

What makes our systems stronger than its rivals is that the integration between Dali ballasts on the lights and the GIA BUS systems for the detectors/controls is quick and reliable. Over 100 Dali-gateways (x64 Dali-addresses) and more than 1500 detectors with fully automated daylight-dimming can work together without using a computer, PLC or IP communication. There are 32 groups per gateway. Lighting devices and detectors on multiple gateways can be flexibly combined. And the switching time amounts to 10 milliseconds without any delay.

You can choose from the various solutions, according to your project requirements. From switching lighting on the basis of motion to intelligent control of Dali light fittings in address mode, linked to the logical functions of an overhead bus system.

We were efficient here too.

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