Plugs & cables

Do you lose time stripping cables manually on-site? This could be much more efficient. We assemble plugs & cables to your requirements.

“We increase on-site efficiency.”

Top quality European components

We are independent and choose our suppliers. When it comes to components in our plugged installations, these are A.A.G Stucchi, Elet Plast and Adels Contact. Three top brands that are committed to compatibility.

Our cords fully comply with CPR standards.

Full control over end-quality

We assemble all your plugs and cables in our own workshop in Bree. This gives us full control over end-quality. Every cable is electrically tested here.

Standard customisation = time-gains

The fact that we assemble our own plugs and cables means that we can make any cables from 20 cm, precisely according to your requirements. We will even attach the appropriate plugs. A huge time-gain for you on-site.

Precise numbers, rapid delivery times

We don’t work with fixed lengths, or fixed quantities. You order and receive precisely the number of plugs and cables that you need. All within an average delivery time of one working week. Even quicker delivery times on request!

We were efficient here too.

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The options are endless and the work involved is very specialised. So it’s not easy to make the right choice. That is why we are ready to help you with the correct advice and expertise, from design to installation.

Efficient. Any time. Anywhere.

We develop, manufacture and distribute electro-technical solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. Efficiency is the priority. Efficiency leads to maximum comfort and minimum costs, both during installation and for the lifespan of your installation.

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