Energy monitoring

Energy is getting more expensive and the demand for energy is placing a huge burden on our planet and our future. There are many reasons, therefore, to use energy responsibly.
Measuring is knowing.

Before energy can be saved, you need to find out how much is being used and where. Developments can then be monitored and, if necessary action can be taken to make adjustments. GIA nv can help you to keep an eye on energy consumption via pulse counters in local distribution panels. We can help you visualise the key figures. So that you can make adjustments wherever and whenever required. This system can also be used for invoicing tenants or different cost-centres.

We were efficient here too.

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We develop, manufacture and distribute electro-technical solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. Efficiency is the priority. Efficiency leads to maximum comfort and minimum costs, both during installation and for the lifespan of your installation.

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