HVAC fine-tuning

Alongside lighting, climate regulation creates comfort in a building. Too hot, too cold, enough fresh air… It all determines how we feel and impacts upon the efficiency and productivity of the people in the building.

The HVAC installation is also responsible for 40% of the energy requirements in the building. An inefficient installation can therefore cost a huge amount of money.

Nowadays, climate ceilings enable us to reconcile the internal climate much more effectively with the end user’s needs.

We have the technology required for the perfect realignment of cold or hot water in the climate ceilings in order to create the ideal internal climate. 2-way or 6-way taps, with or without flow sensors, thermostats or touch screens, CO-metres and VAV-boxes, working seamlessly with the motion detectors for the light fittings. Naturally, we can also control regular heating and cooling installations. All of this is visualised in a user-friendly software package.

Thanks to integration with the lighting, the same BUS cabling and motion detectors can be used. And this offers great cost-savings and makes the installation better organised and more feasible.

We were efficient here too.

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