Flat multi-core cable

We supply flat cable solutions from Woertz. This, combined with pre-installation in our own workshops, creates a top quality installation that is quick to realise.

“We work with the Swiss brand Woertz, the absolute number one!”

Flat cables: flexibility is the priority

Swiss top quality

We work with components from the Swiss brand Woertz. The absolute number one. They invented the principle of the flat cable and have been focusing on improving every aspect of their product for the past 50 years. The difference lies in the small technical details which have a huge impact on the end result.

Time-gains on-site

So much cabling here. So many splitter boxes there. On the basis of your plans, we assemble your flat cables according to your requirements, in our workshop. This gives us full control over end-quality. We supply everything prefabricated to the site, so that you just roll it out and connect it. No more puzzles, just a quick and efficient installation.

Easy to adapt on-site

With flat cabling, we can pre-install practically everything. But the biggest advantage is that you can adapt things quickly on-site. In contrast to other brands, Woertz allows you to make as many splits as you like over a limited distance.

Waterproof and fire-resistant

Need a reliable, waterproof connection? Woertz has fully waterproof cables and socket boxes up to IP68: 3G2.5, 3G4, 5G2.5 and 5G6.

Woertz also has heat and fire-resistant components in its range with functional integrity of up to 180 minutes.

We were efficient here too.

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The options are endless and the work involved is very specialised. So it’s not easy to make the right choice. That is why we are ready to help you with the correct advice and expertise, from design to installation.

Efficient. Any time. Anywhere.

We develop, manufacture and distribute electro-technical solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. Efficiency is the priority. Efficiency leads to maximum comfort and minimum costs, both during installation and for the lifespan of your installation.

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