Flexbox® junction boxes

We know what is important for you: quicker, better and secure/reliable installation. Let us introduce Flexbox, our patented plug-and-play junction boxes.

“Thanks to our patented copper plate system, we can supply top quality junction boxes.”

Super efficient
junction boxes

Top quality junction boxes

Thanks to our patented copper plate system, there is no internal heating, no floating neutral and minimum contact resistance and voltage drop. This is due to the fact that the number of contacts is lower than for ordinary junction boxes. Our production process is the only one in the Benelux that is CEBEC and KEMA certified.

Time-gains on-site

Other junction boxes have a lot in common with a DIY package. In contrast, we make our Flexbox® junction boxes to your requirements, pre-wired, so that you can work more quickly. This more efficient installation leads to huge time-gains on-site. Particularly in combination with our plugs and cables.

Better end result

You not only install quicker, but also better. You can retain an overview thanks to our junction boxes. You don’t have to check each time to see which plug goes where. You don’t have to create as many connections. All in all: a lower risk of installation errors and a better chance of a perfect end result.

Lower failure and maintenance costs

All of this means that your installation will offer greater certainty. A well-organised installation also means that it is easier to reinstall cables or expand at a later stage. There are no muddled cables, just a good basis for moving forward.

We were efficient here too.

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The options are endless and the work involved is very specialised. So it’s not easy to make the right choice. That is why we are ready to help you with the correct advice and expertise, from design to installation.

Efficient. Any time. Anywhere.

We develop, manufacture and distribute electro-technical solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. Efficiency is the priority. Efficiency leads to maximum comfort and minimum costs, both during installation and for the lifespan of your installation.

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