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Op bedrijventerrein Het Klooster in Nieuwegein is een nieuw sorteercentrum voor PostNL gerealiseerd op een kavel van bijna 34.000 m2 groot. Met een oppervlakte van ruim 10.215 m2 is…

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Presence detection

Presence and absence detectors play a key role in energy efficient lighting installations. Good energy performances require a lighting installation that empoweres only when there is presence detected. But it is also possible to save even more energy thanks to absence detection.

Thanks to LUX-measurement the detector will control the lighting, in function of the measured ambient light level.

There are detectors available for DALI or 0-10V dimming and daylight dimming

In order to avoid irregular activation it is possible to diminish the sensitivity of the detector in the "off" position. The "on"...

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position can stay sensitive.

All the GIA detectors are presence detectors, possible to detect small movements.

The are also detectors available with 2-channels, Voltage Free Contact and IP values of IP55 and IP66.

All our detectors are masters and they can control at least 1300W (6A).

All our premium models can be programmed using a handset.

There are detectors for flush fixing and surface fixing.

GIA will deliver all the cords and plugs for your detectors, pre-assembled!

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