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Op bedrijventerrein Het Klooster in Nieuwegein is een nieuw sorteercentrum voor PostNL gerealiseerd op een kavel van bijna 34.000 m2 groot. Met een oppervlakte van ruim 10.215 m2 is…

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Building Automation

Building automation is the activity GIA Systems is specialized in for more than 15 years. Every modern building contains several electrical techniques. De combination of these techniques is often very complicated. Comfort, ease of use, safety and energy control are important to control. Building automation takes care of these and many more points of attention.

The GIA bus-system can be used for home automation or building automation and is extremely powerful and flexible. The system can be designed according your specifications Even for offices, production-sites, sport-centres, retirement homes and...

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hospitals there are special solutions available!

We have solutions for:
- lighting control
- Dimming (0-10V, DALI and DSI)
- Presence and absence detection
- window shutters
- Climate control, HVAC
- Ventilation, air management
- Acces Control
- Energy monitoring
- solar panels
- Handset control
- Touchscreens
- Technical alarms
- Visualisation
- Maintenance management

The reasons for applying a specialized immotic building management system in your building are diverse :
- immotics offer the possiblity to execute more complex functions : how to combine a light cel with a clock, or the corridor function : as long as there is a person in one of the offices, the lights in the corridor stays on.
- immotics offer the possibility to visualise and log all the parameters in your building. Where is the light on at night ? What is the temperature or where are the windows still open ?
- immotics offer the possibility to manage the electrical techniques of your building from different places.
- Presence detectors, push buttons, clocks, sensors, touchscreens, even smartphones and tablets, they all work together.
- Immotics gives your building more flexibility : if well designed, you can modify the setting and configuration of your building.

All these advantages increase the comfort and security of your building. But most of all it will decrease the energy consumptions

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