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Lighting control

The exact intensity of light, when and where needed. Every building owner must make a choice between installation costs, comfort, ease of use and possible energy savings.
On average the lighting installation consumes up to 40% of the total energy consumption of a building. There is a lot of energy that can be saved, making the right choices of lighting control in a building.
Unfortunately many actors in the building process only pay attention to the initial installation costs, rather then looking at "Total Cost of Ownership" which contains also the maintenance...

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costs and the possible earnings of energy savings. Energy saving often limits itself to counting the points of the local governments Energy Saving Policy. Luckily new methods for valuation like BREEAM also take into account the comfort and ease of use of the installation.

In general the costs and complexity of the installation tend to increase when installations become more user friendly and energy saving.
GIA offers 2 types of solutions for its lighting control : lighting control with "mechanical intelligence" and lighting control with "electronic intelligence".

- Lighting control with mechanical intelligence uses the GIA Flexbox® distribution box as a central node for steering and flexible cabling. many of GIA's Flexbox® distribution boxes for lighting solutions offer the possibility to modify the configuration of landscape offices with only minor technical interventions. Thanks to this way of working landscape offices become more flexible and maintenance cost decrease considerably : less working hours, less completion time, less installation errors.
The GIA Flexbox® distribution boxes offer solutions for :
- switches, push-buttons, Radio-frequent push-buttons
- presence detection.
- absence detection.
- dimmable detectors 0-10V or DALI.
- and so much more .....

Nevertheless this mechanical intelligence has is limits. The flexibility and adaptability is not endless and functionalities are limited and well defined. Making absence detectors or dimmable detectors work in parallel, adding push-buttons and distance controls. Or adding temperature related functions and clocks or logical functions is very complex, difficult to manage and even impossible. Certainly when we start talking integration of different techniques in a building like HVAC, sunscreens or access control, central commands and visualization. Thanks to the "electronic intelligence" it is possible to collect a lot of data that influence the energy consumption in a big building.

Since over 15 years GIA has been specializing in "electronic intelligence" for big buildings, also combined with flexible cabling.
You can find the complete description of the GIA building management system in the appropriate section of this website.

In lighting control with " electronic intelligence" GIA offers a wide choice :
- lighting control with relays in switchboard (Din-rail, centralized cabling)
- lighting control with relays in decentralized modules (double flex box, decentralized cabling)
- lighting control with 0-10V in Din rail.
- lighting control with 0-10V in decentralized modules.
- lighting control with DALI (individual)
- lighting control with DALI broadcast / DSI
- lighting control with DMX.
- all combination of the above ......

We want to highlight that decentralized cabling has nothing to do with the definition of "decentralized intelligence" one of the main characteristics of our building management system.
All the above mentioned modules have their "decentralized intelligence" inside, wether in switchboard or in double Flexbox® distribution box, it means that the functioning of every module is independent of the functioning of the other modules.

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Egmontpaleis I & Egmontpaleis 2
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Milennium Tower
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