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Post NL in Nieuwegein
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Op bedrijventerrein Het Klooster in Nieuwegein is een nieuw sorteercentrum voor PostNL gerealiseerd op een kavel van bijna 34.000 m2 groot. Met een oppervlakte van ruim 10.215 m2 is…

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Mainline® power track

Combine power sockets and design

The Mainline® design power track is a new product within GIA Systems. It’s a power track with movable power sockets. In any environment, the Mainline® power track can be seamlessly installed into entire rooms, on walls and on furniture (e.g. office furniture). You can add, move and remove power and USB sockets where and when your client needs them.

The Mainline® power track is designed in an elegant design. He’s attractive and a beautiful extra for any interior design. The power track and power sockets...

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are made in black and white. On demand they can be ordered in different colors to match any design.

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