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Post NL in Nieuwegein
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Op bedrijventerrein Het Klooster in Nieuwegein is een nieuw sorteercentrum voor PostNL gerealiseerd op een kavel van bijna 34.000 m2 groot. Met een oppervlakte van ruim 10.215 m2 is…

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Control of sunblinds

For the control of sun screens, sun blinds and window shutters, GIA can offer you solutions with centralized cabling (din rail in switchboard) or decentralized cabling (intelligent Flexbox® distribution boxes). The 2 types of cabling can be combined, so in areas where flexible cabling is not allowed the controls are in the switchboard and areas where flexible cabling is allowed can be controlled via the decentralized solution. Using flexible cabling will bring additional savings to the total cost of the installation in the building.
Thanks to the very performant GIA building...

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management solution, every sun blind will have its own intelligent control. This means that every single shutter or sun blind can be controlled either individually or in group from each point of control in the installation. You have maximum flexibility in controlling your sun screens and window shutters.
When you are using blinds, it is possible to control the declivity of the blinds ( pay attention to the type of blinds and motors you use ).
The automatic opening and closing of windows is also possible with the same solution.
It is possible to integrate all types of commands : push buttons, touch screens, clocks, light cels, smartphones and tablets.
The GIA solution for control of sun blinds has its own weather station that can be composed to the wishes of the building owner : anemometers, rain cells, light cells and temperature sensors can be added as you wish. Thanks to the logical blocs of the GIA building management system all these components can work together in an intelligent manner. In addition it is easy for the building manager to change the settings of these components in the user interface of the computer or touch screen.

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