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Op bedrijventerrein Het Klooster in Nieuwegein is een nieuw sorteercentrum voor PostNL gerealiseerd op een kavel van bijna 34.000 m2 groot. Met een oppervlakte van ruim 10.215 m2 is…

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About us


GIA nv's head office in Bree has already been operating since 1969. The electrical activities started with cabling, more specifically ST plugs and cables.

In 1992 the development and production of our first GIA flexbox junction box was completed. This formed the basis for the development of our own bus system in 1997. Our bus system was originally used in large office buildings. In 2006 we expanded our activities in order to make our system suitable for use in the residential market. This resulted in the development of our Domotics system, which is more specifically designed to enhance comfort in smaller buildings.

Although we continue to extend our bus system, such as in 2008 with the development of our own high-performance DALI module, our first installations dating from 1998 are still backward compatible today. This means these systems remain functional and can be extended with new components. Hence, the electrical system in these buildings will always remain up-to-date.

Over the last 20 years we have gained numerous references for both our Flexbox distribution system and our bus system. They include the KBC Artevelde Tower in Ghent, the Egmont Palace I & II, Diamant Brussels, the Belgacom Tower, Infrax in Hasselt and Brussels, Bose in Tongeren and many others. More information is available at our reference page.


GIA specialises in intelligent electrical installations. These can range from pluggable cabling solutions to bus systems. You can call upon us for both separate products such as plugs, cables, detectors, ribbon cables, floor boxes, junction boxes and socket blocks, and for complete Immotics and Domotics projects.

Although the story started in Bree in Belgium, we have already been operating outside Belgium for more than 10 years. Accordingly, we now have a number of distributors abroad and our own branch in the Netherlands. Here we initially worked with distributors, but in 2013 we decided to directly approach the market and set up our own branch in Den Bosch.

Our specialisation makes us a link between user/building owner, architect/building services engineers and the electrical fitter. Are you seeking advice for electrical projects, or certain specification descriptions or technical details? You have found the right place at GIA!


We choose to exclusively work with products of the highest quality. We preferably work with European suppliers to guarantee this quality. Our Immotics and Domotics bus system is even fully Belgian. All components come from Belgium and are finished at our establishment in Bree. Moreover, our bus system is based on “local intelligence”. This means that each module is intelligent in itself. Should a module become damaged for some reason, the bus system will continue to function. In our system computers are only used for configuration or visualisation purposes, and not to control intelligence. Our system will continue to operate without computers. This accordingly enhances the reliability of our system.

At GIA people make the difference! We also have our own support department on standby during office hours to provide you with technical assistance. Our production unit guarantees products with a high quality, and direct distribution to further save you costs and ensure shorter delivery times. Our technical sales team offers professional advice and support with the development of projects and tenders. Our own Belgian R&D department takes care of all the new developments.


Finally, we strongly believe in innovation and continuous improvements. This is why we cooperate closely with a number of Limburg technical schools, colleges of higher education and universities. We give young people the opportunity to develop their skills, and we obtain new insights in possible improvements for our products and systems.

We may not, however, underestimate the importance of our own R&D department. It takes care of the initiation of new projects, and has already demonstrated its importance and expertise numerous times in the past. Some of its important developments from recent years include our DALI module, DMX module and visualisation software for touchscreens, computers, smartphones and tablets.

Inspections and safety

Our flexbox is CEBEC and KEMA tested. These inspections, along with our internal control mechanisms for production, guarantee high-quality products with high reliability that meet all prevailing standards. Our technicians also have their SCC diplomas concerning safety on the site.

Speed of delivery

You order directly from the factory! We have most parts in stock so we can assemble your order custom-made. Together with our own transport service this ensures the provision of high-quality products that can be produced and supplied with speed and flexibility. Call our order department to find out your exact delivery date. It is also possible to stagger deliveries in line with progress on the site.